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Thu 13 Oct
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RedWave Threat ID

RedWave Threat ID

RedWave Technology

ThreatID is the state-of-the-art chemical identifier, designed with input from first responders from all over the world. The superior performance, ergonomics, and usability of ThreatID supports higher confidence in identification of unknowns and quicker decision-making. ThreatID comes standard with more than 23,000 reference spectra of pure substances and common mixtures including WMD’s (w/ Novichok agents), explosives and drugs including fentanyl & fentanyl derivatives. All library spectra are matched to RedWave’s proprietary onboard chemical information database, ThreatAssistTM. Web-based chemical informational databases such as NIOSH, PubChem and WISER are automatically searched with push-button links for all library files as well.